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The association with TGES stretches beyond teaching and learning experience. It is a strong knit family where every child is looked after with utmost care and affection. At TGES-Kokapet an opportune environment has been established to foster holistic development of every child. There are many reasons why TGES should be the preferred school for your child.


We are a secular school who believe in equality and equal opportunity.We celebrate all the major festivals of India. We have non-denominational prayers during the morning assembly.


TGES-Kokapet is a CBSE school. The teaching methodology, however, is heterogeneous and draws a lot from the theory of Multiple Intelligence and Brain Compatible Learning. The curriculum has been designed in line with National Curriculum Frame work (NCF) and National Council for Education and Research and Training (NCERT) and National Policy on Education. TGES-Kokapet curriculum is based on the globally acclaimed CBSE Curriculum, developed according to rigorous global standards. It fosters an individual’s all-round development for excellence in life and promotes Indian heritage. The CBSE Curriculum is based upon deep, research-based, educational insights into learning needs of new age children.


At TGES-Kokapet, teachers are well versed in developing their own innovative lesson plans and resources for teaching various disciplines and plan the course based on the learning needs of their students. They are trained through internal workshops in creating lesson plans and resources for teaching.


TGES-Kokapet firmly believes that ICT plays a catalytic role in enhancing learning in classroom and beyond. ICT is instrumental in the process of empowering the technology into the educational activities. The use of ICT in education adds value to teaching and learning, by enhancing the effectiveness of learning. Therefore we provide ICT training to our students from as early as Grade I. Thus we demonstrate that effective and embedded use of ICT does transcend the knowledge based learning agenda.


TGES-Kokapet comprehensively evaluates and assess all aspects of a student’s development on a continuous basis throughout the year. The assessment covers both scholastic subjects as well as co-scholastic areas such as performance in sports, art, music, dance, drama, and other cultural activities and social qualities. The assessment comes with detailed feedback on improvement areas and recommended learning pathway for each student.


Highly Qualified Faculty: TGES-Kokapet overwhelmingly favors ensuring a well-qualified teacher in every classroom as the top education priority. The transformative power of effective teachers is something that ensures they are well-grounded not just in the fundamentals of teaching but also as advisers to the students.

We recruit the best teachers and train them in the contemporary pedagogy, teaching methods and leadership. Further, to groom and refine the teaching skills of teachers; TGES-Kokapet has evolved a Professional Development Program called INSETT (In Service Teachers’ Training) under which continuous enrichment and value addition is provided to keep the faculty members abreast with the most effective and innovative trends of teaching.


Ideal Teacher-Student Ratio: TGES-Kokapet has a class size of 26 students per class. The faculty-to-student ratio is 1:10. Students get personalized teacher attention to ensure that their unique learning needs are addressed and there is a strong individual rapport between the teacher and students. All students are given equal opportunities to participate and to learn.


Activity-Based Learning: At TGES-Kokapet, we train students through a range of activities so that they grasp concepts by applying them in practice. Every subject is taught innovatively with a strong emphasis on demonstration of concepts and hands-on application in creative contexts like competitions, quizzes and plays.

Extra-Curricular Activities: TGES-Kokapet provides students with opportunities to pursue a range of interests beyond the curriculum. These activities contribute to the students’ psychological and social development. Value added classes such as Language Arts, Life Skills and Value Education will ensure that our students are prepared to be global citizens.


Student Leadership Development: TGES-Kokapet has a Students Council which is actively involved in areas of student concern. Students are presented with opportunities to develop their leadership skills and self-discipline and learn how to teamwork with other students and the faculty.

Global Citizenship: At TGES-Kokapet, we ensure that students will be ready to become global citizens. Its activity-based learning and self-development approach ensures that they get a similar competitive advantage in skills.

Right Values: TGES-Kokapet nurtures an ethos of compassion, tolerance, diversity, self-esteem and a sense of belonging and leadership, besides academic excellence. This ensures that students grow up into bright, confident adults and morally responsible citizens.


The Environment: TGES-Kokapet is located on a five-acre, eco-friendly campus. We are closer than you think! We are just 10-15 minutes away from Banjara Hills, Gachibowli and Hi-Tech city.

Classrooms: Each classroom at TGES-Kokapet is spacious, well-lit and adequately furnished.

Library: The school has a well stocked library comprising of 12,000 plus books. The library serves students, and faculty with its vast collection of print and non-print materials.

Sports Facilities: The school has well equipped sports facilities like cricket practice nets, basketball, tennis court and play areas for younger children. We also provide after school coaching by experts in the chosen sport.

Activity Rooms and Labs: The school has a Multipurpose Hall, Music Room, Dance Room, Activity Room, Science Lab and ICT Lab.

Dining Hall: TGES-Kokapet has a spacious dining hall and a menu designed by nutrition experts.

Infirmary: The school has an infirmary for sick students managed round the clock by a trained nurse. We are associated with Continental Hospital for regular and emergency medical services.

Transportation: Efficiently navigated bus routes ensure that children spend the least time in commuting to and fro from school. Every bus is procured as per the guidelines of Government of Telangana State Transport Department. Every bus is air-conditioned and stacked with first aid kit and speed governor. Besides, a support staff accompanies the children in every trip. Assigned staff member is trained to address the contingency and ensure the safety and security of the children under his/her care.


TGES-Kokapet believes that parents play a constructive role in their child’s education. Therefore, we encourage parents to be a part of the teaching-learning process. Parents are encouraged to volunteer for school activities and contribute their valuable ideas and suggestions for school improvement. We also have a strong system of staff communication with parents to ensure that parents are duly informed of important school activities and tracking their children’s progress.

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