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Academic Transparency

TGES-Kokapet’s academic transparency states its firm assurance to pursuing the best academic practices, and teaching the values of respect and academic uprightness within the entire learning community and stakeholders. This policy explains the roles of all the stakeholders in upholding the highest standards of academic transparency and sketches an action plan in the occurrence of malpractice.

We believe that Academic Integrity is the responsibility of all members of the school community including teachers, parents and students. We encourage teachers and students to conduct themselves in a responsible way and expect all students to avoid academic malpractice. We also strongly believe in the fact that parents also have a role to play by becoming informed of the policy and supporting them. All stakeholders together will create an environment that promotes academic transparency.


Admission policy

TGES-Kokapet has been established to provide outstanding education to students from all backgrounds. We seek students representing a diverse range of economic, cultural, ethnic and religious backgrounds. We look for students who have the ability and motivation to excel scholastically and who demonstrate leadership in community service and other co-curricular activities. We are more than a school that strives to give their students a sound academic foundation. We emphasize the importance of academic excellence and sporting activity while instilling in students a sense of civic responsibility and the desire, ability and commitment to give back to their communities locally and globally.


Child Protection Policy

At TGES-Kokapet we strive to create ‘child safe’ environment, both internally and externally where children are protected, empowered and respected. Our staff is skilled, confident, competent and well supported in meeting their protection responsibilities. All staff members will safeguard and promote the welfare of the children in our care. Child abuse (including physical abuse, emotional abuse, sexual abuse and neglect) is a violation of children’s human rights and is an obstacle to their education and development. All staff members have a responsibility and duty to protect the rights and dignity of all students and to create a safe, secure and supportive environment.


IT policy (ICT Policy)

ICT an integral tool for teaching and learning and using the skills in various subject areas. Through digital technology we equip our children to participate in a rapidly-changing world where work and leisure activities are increasingly transformed by technology. We enable them to explore, analyze, exchange and present information. We also focus on developing the skills opportune for children to be able to use information in an effective manner. With ICT we can foster deeper understanding of every subject as well as work towards effective Communication and Collaboration.



At TGES the medium of communication is English and recognised the importance of this medium a means of communication. It is a tool to connect the self to the external world through knowing, learning, thinking, reflecting and expression.  Our students are involved in learning language, learning about language and learning through language. They listen to and speak the language, look at how the language works and use it to share their understanding with the world. Students are encouraged to participate in Eloquent English Week & Enrapturing English Week to construct, think critically and express themselves in English. The students are given opportunities to read books / texts, write, speak and present their thoughts & ideas as well as their learning.

The students have the opportunity to choose any one of the four additional Languages offered such as French, Hindi, Sanskrit and Telugu. The school appoints trained / qualified staff for teaching all the additional languages.



TGES-Kokapet Library features an extensive collection of Print resources to support and extend students’ learning. The library provides dedicated library space with age-appropriate reading materials and furniture.

We work very closely with students and teachers to ensure that the varied collections are suitable for the courses on offer. Reading materials are available in all of the taught languages, English, French well as few mother tongue languages – a collection of about 12,000 Books, National & International Journals and Magazines are available  to keep students abreast of the latest findings and research. The resources are constantly being expanded at regular intervals to enhance the joy of learning.