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The Approaches to teaching and learning are pillar stones of the curriculum which equips the new age students with required skills and prepares them for the real world which is swiftly changing.
We, at TGES-Kokapet, integrate the very best from various teaching approaches that make teaching vibrant. Collaborative learning opportunities engage the students in enriching discussions that instill in them a sense of responsibility for their own learning and enable them to become critical thinkers.
We carefully benchmark each child’s learning ability against his or her program of study which is specifically designed to focus on the child’s individual abilities. Differential learning in classes ensures that the students learn at their own pace and according to their skill level.

At TGES-Kokapet, we embrace the following beliefs:

  • Each student is a valued individual with unique physical, social, emotional and intellectual needs.
  • Students learn best in safe and encouraging environments.
  • Students learn in different ways and should be taught using a variety of instructional approaches to support their learning. Their abilities should be strengthened by offering them a variety of opportunities to demonstrate their competence.
  • Continuous improvement is imperative to help students become confident and self-directed, lifelong learners.