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To ensure safety and security of our children, we have CCTV cameras installed in every class and in school premises.

All movements by students within the campus are controlled.

A child is not allowed to leave the campus without the permission slip being signed by the class teacher and one of the Heads.

Transport safety

  • An attendance register is kept in the bus and after the allotted students board the bus, attender takes the attendance every morning and evening.
  • No child is allowed to travel in a different bus other than his/her own designated route, unless he/she has special permission to do so. We discourage any kind of change of routes as it tends to create unnecessary confusions.
  • In case of any emergency in the bus, the drivers contact the School Transport In charge and immediate help is arranged by him from school.
  • The bus attender/driver ensures that the last child is dropped before he or she disembarks the bus. No child is left unattended inside a bus.
  • All the buses are air-conditioned.

Staff Training

All faculty and staff receive appropriate training in child protection. Safety sensitization is conducted separately for all students, teachers and support staff, at regular intervals.

Background Check

Police verification and background checks from previous employers of all staff, Drivers, security guards, Ayas and housekeeping staff is done. Each of these personnel is in a distinct uniform and shall prominently display their ID cards.
All students and staff are in possession of their identity cards that are worn and displayed.
All staff has to affix their thumb on the biometrics when arriving or leaving from work

Health & Wellness

We have full time and trained nurse available on the campus.

TGES-Kokapet organizes Annual Health checkup and keeps the track of every child’s health condition.


A balanced vegetarian lunch, prescribed by a dietician is provided and served in hygienic conditions and it is tested on a regular basis too.