TGES-Kokapet encourages many activities beyond the curriculum to ensure that students acquire skills outside of the standard curriculum.

We encourage every student to pursue a broad and balanced co-curricular program, providing them with a variety of challenges and experiences through which they can grow into confident, well-rounded individuals. Following are some of the co-curricular activities:


TGES-Kokapet, every student can choose a musical instrument for specialization from very young age and master the chosen instrument under the guidance of certified instructor.


Dance is a form of cultural expression. Every student at TGES-Kokapet is provided with the opportunity to learn other skills. It is an opportunity to develop a practical understanding of various dance forms.


TGES-Kokapet has wonderful sports facilities like spacious ground, an athletic track, a soccer field, and basketball and tennis courts. The younger kids have their own indoor play areas and outdoor playgrounds consisting of the sand pit and multisensory toys and equipments. Besides, we have after school sports coaching to actively engage and train promising sports students.