The Beacon of Inspiration for all - Ms Ranjita Rao

Ranjita Ma’am: The Shining Star of Global Edge Schools

Ranjita Rao, the Director of Operations at Global Edge School, stands as a prominent figure in the field of education, contributing significantly to the success of one of the best CBSE schools in Hyderabad. With a rich educational background, she graduated from Koti Women’s College and Osmania University, laying the foundation for her journey in education.

Rao’s career trajectory reflects her commitment and passion for enhancing the learning experience for students. Her diverse experiences equipped her with a holistic understanding of educational dynamics.

Currently positioned as the Director of Operations at Global Edge School Kokapet, Ranjita  Ma’am has made indelible contributions to the educational landscape.

Breaking Barriers and Redefining Education – Ranjita Rao, a Proud Member of the Top 100 Impactful Leaders

Ranjita Ma’am’s outstanding contributions to education have garnered well-deserved recognition, as evidenced by her inclusion among the 100 impactful leaders at the prestigious Impact Honours Grand Honour Ceremony. This accolade not only reflects her accomplishments but also underscores the exceptional standards set by Global Edge School under her leadership.

Being listed among the top leaders at the Impact Honours Grand Honour Ceremony is a testament to Ma’am’s unwavering commitment to educational excellence. It is a moment of prestige for both her and Global Edge School, highlighting their dedication to shaping the educational landscape. The recognition also acknowledges the innovative and student-centric approach Ranjita Ma’am has brought to the forefront in her role as the Director of Operations.

As Ranjita Ma’am continues to steer Global Edge School toward new heights, her recognition among the impactful leaders stands as a proud moment for both her and the institution she leads.

In our world, education isn’t a destination; it’s an adventure:

Our vision at Global Edge School, as an institution is for students and education in India to go beyond textbooks and exams; it’s about creating a nurturing environment that embraces each student’s individuality. We dream of a future where education is an exciting journey of self-discovery, where curiosity and creativity are celebrated. We all believe in knowing each student personally, understanding their strengths, and helping them overcome challenges.

Global Edge School feels privileged to have Ranjita Rao as the Director of Operations, her contributions to the institution will always remain phenomenal.